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Rev. Sr. Gladys Inviolata,


About Us

St. Joseph's General Hospital is a non-profit voluntary organization, a registered society, entirely owned and operated by the sisters of the Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Guntur Province, with its head quarters at Netherlands on those days and now in Rome. The seven JMJ Dutch missionaries from Holland arrived in Guntur on 24th February 1904 and opened a small dispensary. Later Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey, a missionary from Australia, laid foundation for St. Joseph's Hospital, Guntur in the year 1924 with three beds, which had developed steadily into a 250 bed hospital. St. Joseph's Hospital is one of the first Catholic Mission Hospital in South India.

In 1904 a small dispensary was setup to cater to the health needs of the sick and suffering in present premises of ST. Joseph's Hospital, Guntur. Our pioneers Sr. Stanislaus, Sr. Seraphine, Sr. Xaverini began to nurse the sick with immense love. The kind, sympathetic look and the sweet smile of the sisters while attending to the patients, yielded wonders. Soon the patients grow in the number and the sisters were ready to nurse them. Thus they radiated the love of Christ for his people, the sick, the suffering, the ignorant, the neglected, and the needy of Guntur. The first patient treated by the sisters on 22nd march 1904 was a Muslim by name Mohammad. There after then treatment continued to the people who came from far and near.